Friday, 17 July 2009

Gigantic Tour 2009 in Dublin

Judas Priest



It was early last year; Judas Priest has released the new album called Notradamus and have decided to make a big come back for the fans. They have invited Megadeth as a special guest for that night. Fortunately, the American old school thrash metallers were also join the wagon as they released their new materials called The Formation of Damnation late last year.

The come back of Testament have given an inspiration for the fans who are over 30's and late to make a revival and back active into thrash metal scene. On that occasion, many of the fans are still wearing tie shirt and leather laptop back (straight into the concert just to get nice a spot), yet still bang their head until crush. Testament played couple of songs from their latest album and rest back to basic high speed rif of thrash metal. Chuck Billy delivered the songs like he used in mid 80's eventhough the body now is triple the size then before. Alex Skolnick was more like Steve Vai on guitar then thrash metallers, skill set of play mush improved now, become like guitar god. Overall, I never disappointed with the Testament show but I hope next time Testament would play on small venue as they used before.


What can you say about them...deliver and nail it where at one point you would think that they would overtake Judas Priest on that night. Sleepwalker, Tout Le Monde, Peace sell, Rust in Peace, Countdown to extinction and Holy war. However, due to health reasons, most the lead guitar taken by Chris Broderick and there are few Dave have made mistakes as the fingers were not fast enough to cope with the songs. The fans have gone insane...few mosh pits turn ugly as the guards trying to break its up.

Too little time for Megadeth to perform ideally; disappointed me actually but this about Judas priest and i knew it will be 1st and last best concert on earth. Dave would never give any credits as does by Testament to Judas as for kind invitation.


This is the moment of lifetime waiting; with shout of " Priest is Back!!" , "Judas Priest!". After Megadeth show. We have to wait like 30-45 minutes before the smoke and the opening music finally broke...intensive preparation, wall climbers were averywhere to check the lights and laser boxes. This what I've expected; great show, great gimmick, great performance of heavy metal god, Rob Halford and a Harley Davidson on stage.

Smoke came out...the lasers are broading and beaming else where in the dark. You know what; the open with Hell Patrol from Painkiller album. Holy shite! this is the moment of life that I would never forget. They played Notradamus, off course! You've got another thing coming, Sinner. The moment of speed paddle by Scott Travis; I took the camera out and record the killer song "Painkiller" sang along like fucking retarded man. After that, Halford shout "breaking the what?...!!", " Breaking the what?!!...". .."Breaking the Law!!". I can't the 50's couple push us away just to be in front row to sing that song with halford. I think nostalgia from the rebel priest ealy 70's have created generation of rebel adults and even now they were there just to show their grateful to Judas Priest for given a door to heavy metal.

The final song was "living after midnight". Such as the perfect for closing...this tradition song hasn't change much when I was seeing their concert video at age 10.

Hail the King of Metal .....Judas Priest! You are real metallers!

the 1st photo shown of the huge merchandise booth of the event; it does't have to be buy concert t-shirts and many more for that night.