Saturday, 29 August 2009

Ensiferum - live in Dublin 2006 for Mysterious Wound Festival

Ensiferum - meaning sword bearing. One of the best metal act in Europe. They represent the story tellers from other side and interesting part is they are the viking of modern tale.
I never heard about this band before but they existed since 1995 until now they are on different league as Kreator and Destruction. And they are from Finland.

The festival called Mysterious Wounds festival was held at Button Factory, Temple Bar, Dublin. They are many acts such as; Mass Extinction; Ensiferum and many more. The main act was Sodom.

To be honest; I know too little about Ensiferum. But After seen many of their albums at Sentinel Record small kiosk inside the venue, I know Ensiferum is not small timer yuppies from nowhere play heavy metal songs

Petri Lindroos on right; Sami Hinkka on left side

Markus Toivonen (the founder of Ensiferum) on far right-above

Fuck! the crowd is getting insane pushing each other aside. I couldn't believe the crowd was as many as Sodom fans and some of them only come to watch Ensiferum. I started to questions about this band..who the hell is Ensiferum??

The band took almost 40 minutes to tune the vocal, the guitars and the ambient sound from synthetisers by Meiju Enho. It's really pain in the arse to wait for them to actually see them to finish the tune. Finally, the hall becomes very dark and fucking smoke choked me to death.

It was Janne Parviainen who step out onto set and starts to bash the drum set. Finally the whole gang finally starts to appear and perform the songs which i don't actually know at that time. The song is fucking brilliant! Its truely melodic mixing with Irish and Celtic influence. But the whole Scottish, Irish (Southern and Northen Ireland), Norwagian, Sweddish and Finnish were conquered by Viking during B.C.

The crowd became obsess with the song started to sing along with them and try to join on stage. Unfortunately, myself and other friends have to give away to some fans , move backwards apart from stage. Just to see them live is a blessing and to be able to discover them is a lifetime achievement.

After the concert while waiting for Sodom; I've got myslef a long sleeve t-shirt and a 10 years Ensiferum DVD. By the way check out their incoming new album soon next fucking excited about them. Buy vinyl don't fucking free download their album!