Saturday, 4 April 2009

Bruxxelles - Where Dub Metalllers are

Bruxxelles Pub is a must for those who plan to visit Dublin, Ireland and in the same time looking for Dub metallers or wanted to listen to good music. The Pub is seperated by 3 sections, I mean each section seperated 3 big rooms/spaces with door access. Outside, the pub (before you reach the front door, you will stumbled with true legend Irish heavy metal Icon Phil Lynott statue (The Thin Lizzy front man)
I don't want to talk much about this man, James Hetfield from Metallica has said, "Without Thin Lizzy, Metallica wouldn't as big as we are now". Front man Judas Priest also added, Rob halford, during 2009 Nortradamus tour In Dublin, " we are missing the great influence in heavy metal history, Phil Lynott" and even Lemmy from Motorhead once mentioned, "Phil spirit from Thin Lizzy will always be in our soul ". Therefore, no doubt, whatever genre music you are, how heavy you are, how anti you will always remember this man has shaped metal world into a beautiful place we are in now.
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Upstairs - Generally for universal customers who always looking for big bar with variety of beers i.e Holland, Belgium, Poland, Germany or even mexicans beers. The crowd are more diverse as they play variety of good music from Dance to indie to R&B to Irish to heavy metal.
Downstairs - there are 2 sections with 2 access doors ( when you go down you can see the toilets striaght and 2 sections are on your left and right hand side)
On your left hand section - They music are more diversed from dance to heavy metal, if you are lucky they play old stuffs like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy(off course!) or Black Sabbath. The space are reasonably big, enough for 50-60 people.
On your right hand side - where the metal begin. There are many couches, tables or sits where you can bring friends to have a few pints and watch videos. In this section, you will find lots of metallers with leather jacket, studs, leather boots, metal t-shirts and pentagrams floating around and discussing about the songs, reviewing new bands and gigs, even practicing some guitar skills...or drums stick. yeah! they bring their own guitar just for craics. It is absolutely cool! They don't give a fuck....will never show their thugs to strangers. The place is very warm to outsiders or to tourist. You can listen the songs from old school Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden to grind Napalm Death to black Gorgoroth to old school Metallica album....And Justice for All or Beneath the remains from Sepultura. Absolutely recomended place for metallers.
Do not worry your bags or stuffs....they won't steal.....Irish metallers are very nice people. They are very helpful to anyone.....even to Britney Spears.
here is the address:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Harry St,
off Grafton St,
Dublin 2,

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  1. Well, good to know ;) I hope that one day I make my way over to Ireland!

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