Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Decrepitaph - Condemned Cathederal

"The old days will never return", retort Decrepitaph Drummer/ Ringleader Elektrokutioner.

Condemned Cathederal - full length album and it is just heavy, barely does this slab of Asphynx grooves and oppressive horror. Elektrokutioner recalls Decrepitatph's strive to sound no different than their contemporaries - contemporaries that were recorded 20 years ago.

" In early days of death metal, the riffs mattered and now they just get lost in a sea of worthless modern non-sense and cheap computer-generated artwork." Furthermore, "To me, death metalis supposed to sound evil more tha anything else. These new waves of band are too concerned with how they need drum triggers and $3000 half-stacks and Pro tools to be deathe metal, and it's just not true"

"Condemned Cathederal was recorded in a little less than a week - 'less is more', indeed. We could do a lot more in our songs if we wanted to, but there's really no point. I'm not out to impress Berklee graduates or make audiophiles gasp at how crystal-clear our production is because neither of those things has everything to do with the vibe of real death metal."

"Condemned Cathederal came out exactly 2 month ago (as per today), and we already have 11 songs written for the next album" With handfull of 7"s, splits and the looming second full banger on the way, these graven doomster will not soon be leaving this mortal coil for the cemetery of ill-forgotten meatl death

origin : Massachusetts, USA

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