Sunday, 29 March 2009

Damage Digital

Damage Digital is a chaotic grindcore band with hardcore influenced from Japan. Masayoshi Ichinose met Irman Hilmi from Malaysia in late 1996. In 1997, they decided to add male and female vocalist. Misa Moronaga and Makoto Kusano have been added to take incharge on vocals. This is the first line-up of Damage Digital, they have recorded 10 songs and released 1st demo tape in 1997 and joined some compilation CD, EP, Tape.
Irman contacted to his friend of Malaysia and Damage Digital toured 5 times in Malaysia and Singapore from 1997 to 2000. In 2000, guitarist Irman Hilmi left Damage Digital and was replaced by Yasuhiro Kawachi. In 2003, Yasuhiro Kawachi's friend Kuniyuki Yokoo wanted to play bass for the show and later joined Damage Digital. Misa Moronaga, Makoto Kusano, Yasuhiro Kawachi and Masayoshi Ichinose are the current line-up. Mikeal VanCleave from USA found Damage Digital and released 500 vinyl of Moss LP in 2005.
Damage Digital :

Misa Moronaga: vocals
Makoto Kusano: vocals
Yasuhiro Kawachi: guitars
Masayoshi Ichinose: drums
Kuniyuki Yoko: bass

Below:Old interview done by Core-Distro.Com
a) Firstly,who’s answer this session?
Masayoshi Ichinose (drummer)
b) Tell me when does DAMAGE DIGITAL history and what the meaning personally by the name?
I played some HC bands in 1996 like DRI.Original guitarist Irman and me want to do a pure grindcore band such as Napalm Death and Discordance Axis, not Gore or Metal. Irman was a foreign student from Malaysia. We need to add vocalist. Then we invited Misa and Makoto at the Saga University. He has many friends in Malaysia. So we did tour in Malaysia 5 times. 1997-2002. It was good memory and experience for us. We planed tour in Malaysia in Sep. 2006. But this month was a fast month. So we changed to Australia. It was also good tour.Irman brings name Damage Digital. This idea was from Jon Chang /Discordance axis.Irman often mailed with Jon in those days. I didn’t know that meaning but agreed.I used double bass drum pedals before DxDx. But I realized single bass drum is groovier when I saw Dave Witte/ Discordance Axis in Osaka for their Japan tour. Then I use single bass drum pedal.
c) Current line-up 2008,any changed before?
Misa Moronaga (vo), Makoto Kusano (vo), Yasuhiro Kawachi (G), Kuniyuki Yokoo(B) and Masayoshi Ichinose(Ds). It is same till 2000.For a mental cause, vocalist Misa was not performed live show very much 2003-2006 DxDx had a show with other members for a while. Sometimes it was 3 pieces (Vo, G, and Ds).As a member marries and has a child, the dxdx show decreases. DxDx are active at our own pace.Ysuhiro formed project band “The pushing”. I join “Carcass Grinder” in 2005. But Damage Digital is the most important band for us.I think guitar sound is changed very much. Irman made low tones guitar sound. Yasuhiro Kawachi likes metallic chaotic sound.
d) People know that energy Grindcore is your music, describe us the different style Damage Digital compare to others?
I think…male and female vocals style and discord sound are the different. I want to seek experimental sound without depending on machine such as the trigger.
e) In Japan,how’s the Underground d.i.y music scene for today?
any development such as gig and new tight band?I don’t know many of scenes in Japan because my city is local. I hear Osaka, Aichi and Tokyo have some great scene. I think Osaka has many experimental bands and Aichi has a tendency towards metal. I think that Mortalized from Kyoto and 324 from Tokyo are almost our style.There are many Gore, Death metal bands in Japan. Grindcore is minority.
f) List of your discography,any latest?
DxDx released some Demo tape/CDR till 2002,3.(check our website). Some was released in Malaysia and around. Delete (1999) I think it is known in Malaysia. Irman plays guitars.Kabe demo CDR(2000) New guitarist Yasuhiro plays guitars.MOSS LP(2005) Full length LP.DxDx will release two stuffs in this year. Split EP with KURSK and split MCD with Abortion.They ware recorded in 2006-7 when Misa revived.
g) Lyrically,who’s write the songs and what’s the main moral story for the listeners can get through your grind lyric?
I don’t know vocalist sings. I think there is no story. It is just a anger for the society.They change for the voice.
h) Any planning latest tour/show around Japan and Asia?
We have just some show in Kyusyu island Japan. I hope we can do the tour in Malaysia again?next year. Bold
i) If we have a chance to visit Japan,which place that you recommend for a vacation?
Kyoto and Nara. You can see many traditional buildings and cultures. There are many temple..There seems to be a genuine ninja somewhere. They wear common clothes.If you want to visit cool place, Hokkaido is good. You can see ton of snow and Nature.


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