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Terrorizer - March 2009

Cannibal Corpse is back!

The legendary American death metal band, formed in Buffalo, New York in 1988. The band has released eleven studio albums, one boxed set, and one live album. Although Cannibal Corpse has had virtually no radio or television exposure, a cult following began to build behind the group with albums such as 1991's 'Butchered at Birth' and 1992's 'Tomb of the Mutilated'. Cannibal Corpse reached over 1 million in record sales worldwide in 2003, including 558,929 in the United States, making it one of the top-selling death metal bands of all time

They come back with new album, Evisceration Plague. "It should have guttural vocals. It should be obviously heavy, preferably downtuned, guitars playing dark sounding riffs. Although some slow are acceptable, beyond that there aren't really any rules. If you figure out a new rythm or scale, or a new dimension to death metal then that's great thing. You can look through the history of death metal and see certain bands who have added a new idea to vocabulary of death metal", say Webster.

Samael, the old school Swiss Metallers talk about their new,ninth album Above. This time Vorph, the front is forced to go out of his pupa and got him to explain himself.
"We decided to go and do do a straight metal album playing the kind of music that we were into when we were teenagers", says Vorph. " you should try and express something, not to worry about what reaction will be like. That is going to come later, once the album is recorded and everything is finished, then Okay, I am ready to confront people and present the songs live. That is really where things live or die if they are not good enough. You will never please everyone though and that is something we have known for long time. We should rather be sure that we are happy with what we are doing and then see how it spreads and how it all works", added Vorph with relieves.

Review of Grindcore history, Goregrind, US Grindcore, Crust Grind, Elctro Grinds, Gore Arts and many more.
Essential US Grind Bands voted by listerners:
1) Brutal truth - Extreme Condition
2) Replusion - Horrified
3) Pig Destroyer - Prowler in The Yard
4) Assuck - Anticapital
5) Enemy Soul - Casualities of Progress

Classic Album review - King Diamond - (ABIGAIL)
Abigail achieved a new level of occult theatrics while reinventing the concept of album. A multilayered yarn of black horsemen, buried secrets, and numerology.
"King is a living legend, and has always been cooll with us" - Abbath, Immortal

Still Lamb of God is the main subject in this magazine, Randy Blythe spoke to Terrorizer about Wrath and music scene. Doro the living legend of metal devil women speaks on her favourite bands. Album of the month is Gin by Cobalt. With Gin, Cobalt's sound has been visited by fascinating evolution, becoming more grandiose with each passing belt; this is hypnotical soul music for the bitter. from Fashion is Dead, we reckon listern to new Metallica...forget about Death Magnetic, Mantic Ritual come to re-create Kill 'Em All album with additional Beneath The Remains as spices. Check out their new album "Executioner" out from Nuclear Blast

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