Saturday, 21 March 2009

WARPATH - Gorefare

Formed in the late winter of 2005, Warpath has set out to create proper brutal death metal as it should be. The band evolved out of a group of best friends who all shared the same taste in death metal, and the same frustration in not hearing enough of it being played in Ireland (bar some of the Irish greats: Primal Dawn, Putrefy, Slave Zero, Abaddon Incarnate etc...) Early line up changes stalled the progress of the band temporarily, but with the addition of guitarist Rowan O'Neill it all fell into place.
The band proceeded to write, record and release 2 demo’s and 1 full length live DVD independently. Their material won them an ever expanding Irish fan base and pushed the members to strive for nothing but the best they had to offer. On October 20th 2006, Warpath was overjoyed when they were given the Dublin support slot for technical death metal giants Necrophagist.

The gig went off without a hitch and was the first (but not the last time) the band would be given big support slots in Dublin. After the departure of guitarist Daniel Peshke in December 2006, Warpath went on the hunt for a new guitarist, immediately coming across Eoin Dunne. Eoin showed up to his first practice session and to the rest of the bands astonishment, he had learned their entire set list within four days, he knew every note perfect and played his first gig with the band two days later.

He displayed his dedication a month later when the band headlined ‘Death To Come III’ in Chorzow, Poland alongside some of the best local talent including death metalers Ulcer Uterus and terror black metal merchants Iperyt. The gig was a hit and an experience never to be forgotten by the whole band. Since Eoin Dunne's addition, Warpath have re-recorded their old material along with two brand new tracks and released the result as their debut album.

The CD is titled "Gorefare" and is available now through contact with the band at

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